Polar Express Santa will make your Christmas!

When the Polar Express Santa steps onto your carriage, you will feel a thrill in the air. After ‘Hot Chocolate’ and the Polar Express Song (and perhaps even a visit from the train’s ghost), it’s time to cheer for Santa. Your Conductor will let you know when we are approaching the North Pole. You might even get some ‘caribou on the line’. Then the tune to ‘Rockin’ on Top of the World’ will start. If your child knows the Worm, how to Floss or likes to do a ballet routine, this is their time to shine. 

We have to get the carriage rocking for Santa to arrive! He might not know that we are waiting for him unless we make ourselves loud! 

Feel the Polar Express Santa Magic 

Polar Express Santa magic is a potent feeling. From the second the whole family starts playing the ‘air saxophone’, you can feel the excitement build. There is tingling in your fingers and toes and your heart starts beating faster. Your mind and voice are shouting for Santa together! Eventually the whole carriage will shout for Santa – before the door flies open… 

There in the doorway stands Santa and his elf. The Polar Express Santa will bring his friendly, cheeky elf to meet you. They will ask your parents whether they’ve been naughty or nice.  If the elf thinks they have been good this year they will get a shiny sleigh bell! But you are greeted by Santa himself. He will ask what you want for Christmas (make sure you know ahead of time!) and will spend some time with you. Then, if you have been good, he will hand you your own special ‘first gift of Christmas’.  

If your parents ordered a book with your tickets, ask Santa if he will sign it. Then you have your own special copy of ‘The Polar Express’. He will also take a photo with you, but make sure that you have everything ready to go. Santa has a whole train of children to see while you are at the North Pole. 

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